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Having been a fan of The High Line since I first laid feet on it, I have often posted photos and videos of it here, on Flickr, and on Facebook.

This TED talk is a concise explanation by co-founder Robert Hammond of what it was, how it came to be now, and some aspects of what it’s doing for New York City.


My sons were fascinated in Riverside Park a couple weekends ago when they happened upon thousands of ants doing…something…together. As one.

This video has something to say about the ‘wisdom of crowds’ and what can be created through collaborative force.

In other words, what a community can do.

If we were to consider more often the ways of the ant (as the ancients tell us in the Hebrew Scriptures), we might find ways to achieve our goals more quickly, more effectively, and more cheaply.

Asking someone to share something can be met with resistance or, often, rejection.

But what if sharing something—even something of real scarcity like design space on corporate letterhead—could actually be freeing and personally regenerating?

That’s the subject of a post on ‘shared space’ in Print Magazine.