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Having been a fan of The High Line since I first laid feet on it, I have often posted photos and videos of it here, on Flickr, and on Facebook.

This TED talk is a concise explanation by co-founder Robert Hammond of what it was, how it came to be now, and some aspects of what it’s doing for New York City.


What if someone actually tooks seriously the words, sell what you have and give to the poor? As you watch this, doesn’t it make you want to have this kind of bravery and faith?

While the benches rising from the plank walks as though organically grown ‘were a conceit of the ‘90s and early oughts,’ nevertheless Craig and I thought that The High Line would indeed pass muster with such city luminaries as Jane Jacobs.

Jacobs, I had pointed out, was rightly concerned that parks—of which this could technically be classified as one—unguarded at night can invite unsavory characters to them under cover of dark. Given that The High Line is elevated, and gated, it doesn’t carry that same liability.

We agreed that Jane, as co-founder Robert Hammond said in an interview, would have liked it.

music: William Orbit